What we do?

June 18, 2019

Promotex works to give businesses the everyday tools and services they need to successfully run a business. Whether simple or advanced, we offer the best integrated solutions including ProPOS and Clover. Our security mechanisms are advanced to protect against fraud through encryption. Real-time data analytics for your business leads to insights that business can strategically leverage to grow their business. In addition to expert integration of essential accounting software such as Quickbooks, we help businesses integrate needed softwares into their solutions.

Our team is dedicated to guiding businesses through resolving their needs and concerns. Every member of our team is fully trained on every service that you will receive. Listening, analysis, and firm knowledge of our available resources makes our team one of the best in providing expert solutions to different businesses. Our sales representative will be always available for you through email, text messages, social media, blogs, and phone calls.

We serve all kind of industries from Healthcare to the Restaurant industry. Corner stores, manufactures, dry cleaners, gas stations, parking services, non-profit industries can all utilize the services offered by Promotex. We supplement integrated technological solutions with undistinguished merchant responsibility and direct customer service and support.

The application process is simple. Your application receives approval within one day and after analysis of your business needs, we can get you all set up in less than a week.

By looking at the business, we offer the rate we think will best help minimize the expenses of running a business. Our flat or interchange rates is cost-effective and one of the lowest profits in the industry. We aim to be flexible and accommodate the future growth of the businesses we serve.

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