Payment terminals equipped for secure, fast and reliable card transactions.

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All of our terminals and POS:
accept NFC contactless payments: 
- apple pay, samsung pay and google pay;
- contactless cards.
have Cash Discount Integration available.



Our most popular terminal

The S80 is an advanced countertop terminal which combines durability for harsh environment and high performance to ensure fast and reliable transactions.

  • Ethernet cable required to plug this terminal.
  • Durable for harsh environment.
  • Pin pad SP20 available.

Best for businesses that require basic terminal functions.


PAX S500

Innovation and reliability

The S500 is an advanced countertop payment terminal, featuring a 2.8-inch colour touch screen with e-Signature functionality.

  • Color touch screen.
  • Wifi connectivity available
  • Pin pad SP20 available.

Dejavoo Z8

Easy connectivity

With easy access to frequently used options and other integrated solutions, the ease of use and reliable software will ensure security and reliability of your payments.

  • Wifi connectivity available.
  • Performs tax calculations.
  • Self Service Pin pad z3 available.

Best for businesses who prefer to use the telephone line or wifi connectivity. As well as for businesses that needs a terminal that calculates tax rates.



PAX S920

Lightweight and reliable

The new S920 model is designed for the hospitality and restaurant industry, offering portability for merchant staff and customers.

  • Wifi or 4G connectivity.
  • 100% wireless.
  • Long lasting battery.

Best for businesses that need a portable terminal with basic payment terminal features.


Card Pointe App

Simple and secure

The CardPointe Mobile App is an extension of the full CardPointe platform, brought to your smartphone for simple, secure, on-the-go payments, so business can be done anywhere. It’s free to download from the Apple® or Google Play™ stores and offers the same great features that are accessible on the desktop version. Right within the app, businesses can label, price and organize products with the Catalog for fast, simple checkout. If businesses need to accept cash payments, they can do that too.

  • Free Download
  • Product Catalog
  • Cash Acceptance

Dejavoo Z9

Wireless 4G / 3G / WiFi Terminal

Supporting both 4G/3G GSM networks, the Z9 connects directly to the host platform as an IP transaction over the wireless radio, eliminating the need for costly gateways. Touch screen provides easy, user friendly navigation with the benefit of signature on the display, ideal for the merchant on the go.

  • Features both 4G and 3G GPRS and Wifi connectivity.
  • USB-C charging capability allowing more charging opportunities.
  • Powerful battery for improved and longer performance.

The optimal solution for a variety of businesses, especially delivery services.


Pin Pad

Dejavoo Z3

Functional and fast

The Dejavoo Z3 PIN pad payment device will accept EMV and has built-in NFC Contactless reader. Interface with iOS, Androids, PC POS systems a perfect solution mini markets, deli and other stores.

  • Built In NFC Contactless Reader
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • High Security CPU

Dejavoo Z6

Versatile and fast

Signature on the display and the GOGreen electronic receipt option make PIN Pad terminals the ideal option to complete your merchants countertop needs. Two operating modes: “Dispatch” – using a Z3-6 as a Pin Pad terminal or a “Simple” Pin Pad – Using the device as a secured Cards reader device obtaining authorizations via Dejavoo Terminals.

  • Ethernet connectivity
  • 3.5” color Touch Screen (TFT-LCD 320×480 pixels)
  • Built-in NFC Contactless Reader

Pax PX 7 

Innovative and fast

PAX’s new retail multilane terminal, the Px7. Its sleek design makes it look more like a tablet than a payment terminal. Its large high resolution color screen, enabling high quality screen capture and showcasing your advertising campaigns, is housed in an ergonomic case that is small and thin.

  • High resolution touch screen.
  • Integrated magnetic stripe reader.
  • Generate instant alert if privacy shield or stylus pen is removed.
  • LED light pipes for magnetic card reader and smart card reader clearly prompt for customer card swipe or insertion.

Pax S 300

Secure and functional

PAX’s S300 is the latest integrated retail payment solution for merchants who wish to offer high levels of transactional security combined with contactless, e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN.

  • EMV, MSR and NFC/Contactless.
  • Large memory capacity.
  • Easy software application development.

Pax SP 20

Plug-in compatible Pin Pad

PAX’s SP20 V4 is a sleek compact NFC enabled PINpad for merchants to connect to a wide range of POS terminal models via USB or RS232, thus providing customers with a more convenient payment experience.

  • Customer Facing Display.
  • New Contactless PINpad.
  • Integrated Privacy Shield.

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